Proof Reading
  • Our proofreader will do the process of checking errors, spelling, grammatical mistakes and punctuations.

  • They also helps in checking all layouts like headlines, paragraph and color for correct dimension, type, placement etc.,

  • But proof reader is not responsible for authors or copy editors works.

  • Proofreader’s final reference should agree before our work starts to the client.

  • The proofreader will overview about the judgment, skills, knowledge and experiment in checking about the author or copy editor work is satisfactory.

  • And another main work our proofreader will do is explore what is required and discusses about the budget and schedule about the editorial decisions and interventions.

  • Apeiro proofreaders will identify necessary changes and mark the proof using agreed method.

  • Page proof or draft web page will be the last chance to see the images, footnotes, words, graphs etc.,

Our professional proofreaders will compare the proof to the edited copy line by line to check the changes made on it. Also checks about the page number and heading to the content. The text may be a team work so that no one had a look in it, and it may not alter. They also check the content style and structure to ensure they are applied or not. Each and every line in the content will be checked by our proofreaders. They should check the omissions in the typography, layout and content. Changes in the content must be discussed with our client in view of budgets. Apeiro solutions will always focus on business which should satisfy the customer’s needs. Our professional proofreaders will work with the aim of optimizing the result with minimum cost of production.

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