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Some Reasons behind the use of WHITESPACES in Web Design

Some Reasons behind the use of WHITESPACES in Web Design

Posted on September 17, 2018

 Do you think an empty space in web design can attract peoples? You think it may be funny! Generally, an empty space has no values and it is waste of spaces.

You pass this question to a web designer! They will give you hundreds of meaning and values for this empty space. Yes, these empty spaces are called WHITESPACES. Some peoples refer it as “NEGATIVE SPACES”.

In this blog, you are going to read about the use of whitespaces in web design. As told above, it is just an empty leftover space. A web design can attract people through its color, images, and fonts. Even whitespaces have the same capacity to gets attraction from people. How?

The white spaces can be filed with contents or images but why they are left over by the web designers? The whitespaces are the spaces where no print is done, while other spaces have prints like content or images or others. These whitespaces do not have the capacity to print anything while you try to type anything on it. The two mainly used whitespaces characters are

Carriage returns

Tab space

Whitespaces are referred to be space between words, space between letters, space in the edge, margin spaces, padding around pictures and text blocks, etc.
Is there any rule that whitespaces should be white in color? NO
Whitespace color is the background color of the web page. If the background color is red, then whitespace color also is red.

Use of many whitespaces in the front page causes the sorting of content. If there is lengthy content to be loaded on the front page, automatically reduces the whitespaces. Then the front page will become clumsy and peoples do not strain to view such a clumsy page. To step up the people’s curiosity, just need to add the important and attractive contents with whitespaces in the front page which leaves them to scroll down for the next or inner page where the whole story is held.

Few contents and many whitespaces may look like simplicity. However people like simple and clear contents. The whitespaces in your web design bring you many advantages.

Easily grabs attention

Speeding up interaction

Less content is sufficient

Web page looks clear

Reduces stress on reading

There are still many reasons behind whitespaces. Have a practical test on the whitespaces and do some research on it. Then you come to know about the value of empty space. How it makes sense in web designs.

Redesign your website before it happens!

Redesign your website before it happens!

Posted on September 17, 2018

Redesign your website before “what” happens! The meaning behind “what” is going to explore in this blog.

Generally redesigning means going to change or replace something that designed already for some reasons. Yes redesigning the website is same as making some changes in the existing website. Your initial web design is made perfectly then why you need a redesign. How many years before you designed it, this makes sense! The website also gets upgraded simultaneously with the upgrade of technology. Redesign the website before some of these things happen.

User Traffic Declines

Fall in Visitors

Not Responsive

Difficult Navigation

Outdated components

Falls in SEO Ranking

Poor Social media actions

User Traffic Declines:

Emerging technology has ways to check the user traffic rates of your website. Often check for user traffic and if declines often anywhere, that is the point where you should analyze and take an action. What made your website to decline in traffic? Compare with your competitor’s site, what they are doing? Have some clues and take some actions around your website. This may give good user traffic to the website.

Falls in Visitors:

Just attracting visitors once is not enough. Keep on attracting and holding them to visit your site and may buy your products regularly. Need to upgrade as the world gets upgraded. Change the color, content, font, images often as impressed by the visitors. According to the trend redesign the website.

In past decades, websites are designed accordingly to see only through desktops and laptops. But nowadays websites are viewed, products are purchased, and others are done via mobile. So the website should be responsive to all views. If no, please redesign it.

Difficult Navigation:

Front page must pay link to the needed inner pages. If your site has much difficult and more clicks to go needed pages like contact, shopping, etc. You should redesign your page. People like to have their things in one click.

Outdated components

Contents, images, even logo are outdated in the website. Content must be fit as per new trends and includes interesting words and information. Images and logo can be redesigned before bored. Even Telephone number can be replaced by mobile and email address. Avoid and remove the use of flash, it will slow down the loading. Instead, use animated images and videos. If your website fails to attract visitors they search their need on elsewhere.

Falls in SEO Ranking

Search engine often changes algorithms, so that content, links, missing metadata and alt tags, ads, keyword research, etc of your website should be fixed when there is falls in SEO ranking. So that search engine spiders will push up your website.

Poor Social media actions

Social media links should be enhanced on your website. Your visitors must often toggle between social media networks and your website. Share your contents, new offers, and blogs, in the social media. So that visitors can easily view and share them with their comments. If these actions are missing please upgrade your website links.