Market Research

Why Market Research is most Significant for a business?

Why Market Research is most Significant for a business?

Posted on October 17, 2018

Each and every brand we are using worldwide from any company is because of their marketing strategy. The marketing strategy pays a path for the sale of a product. Automatically, the sale increases the revenue and growth chart of a company.

Think of it. If you eliminate the marketing side of a company, how the company will sell and earn. No one will get focused, attracted and gets knowledge regarding the product. How the product will be sold. Here come the Marketing. The marketing will impose the product on each and every mind and hands. For doing those marketing you must have some research on that called Market research.

The significant of market research is researching on a people mind (customer) and a competitor. The market research on a customer includes: Who will buy the product? What is the purpose of buying? How often they will buy? Who ideally needs more products? What did they expect from our product? Etc. The competitor side market research includes: Who is our competitor? How quality or best they are? What are the marketing and sales strategies they are using? What are they lacking? Etc.

The above questions are the root for all the brands and business peoples. If you can find the answers, you are one of the leading competitors for any brand.

The market research involves two types of research – Primary Research and Secondary Research. The primary research is a research of a business made by any individual or by our own business people. It includes monitoring sales. Watching the quality and path of our competitor and collecting the unique data which is used in the growth of our product and a business. Whereas, the secondary research varies from the above. It is already built like any survey, research, studies, reports or any government data published in a newspaper or any sources.

The other significance of the market research is:

1. Gains knowledge about the customer mind.

2. How the competitor thinks.

3. Increases decision making ideas.

4. Bring innovative techniques.

5. Increases revenue.

6. Decreases the risk factors.


Any business will have ups and downs. If the growth level is high periodically, it does not matter. If there is any fall in the market, it leads the whole crew to fall down includes the money you are spending. However, market research provides the accurate flow of any brands such that the production and sale strategy should be altered. So the market research is most significant.