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Is Email Verification is important for any Email Lists?

Is Email Verification is important for any Email Lists?

Posted on September 17, 2018

Huge numbers of online business have emerged and still millions of businesses are waiting to touch the heights of mountains. There exists heavy risk in marketing. Marketing is the process of conveying our products nature and impressing them to feel like buying our products. This will automatically increase the revenue of a business. The most vital marketing technique used in this era was email marketing. No need to step up and down any doors and waste your valuable time and money. The easy and affordable way of marketing is emailing.

But even there is a risk at emailing. The email database you are having will includes fake email or outdated emails. This may put you down on your business growth. Then how to rectify this fake emails and erect your marketing and sales. Email Verification or validation is the option made on the email list. Email verification will reduce email bounce rates, increase ROI, conversion, etc. Some of the benefits of email verification process are listed below.

Remove Bounce Emails
                    Removes Fake Emails
                    Check for Bulk Emails
                    Low Cost Marketing
                    Increase ROI

The main steps involved in Data Validation Service

The main steps involved in Data Validation Service

Posted on September 26, 2018

The data validation process needs to ensure the data to be clean, relevant and useful. How to ensure that? We are going to see the main steps involved in data validation.

1.      Check for all the data in the database. Ensure that all the data are up to date.

2.      Track the invalid data, which needs to be replaced with the valid data.

3.      Some leads will be left as blank, so need to check the entire empty cell and fill with a relevant data.

4.      There may be duplicates or replication. All such things should be eliminated. The database must have a unique data set.

5.      Some person works actively in two or more companies. In such cases, the relevant company data which is needed to be filled.

6.      Internet will retain old and newer information regarding a lead. So each data will be examined whether it is newer data or not.

7.      Some errors or mistakes like wrong use of punctuations, spaces should be avoided.

8.      The whole database should be aligned in the same format. No confusions or interchange of data cells.

9.      Some data are left correctly; such data are kept untouched with actual values.

The quality matters more than quantity. Whatever the database size varies, the data validation steps are common for all. The validation process is done manually or done with some tools automatically. Each and every data like contact information or email or phone or etc, everything should be noticed, tracked and validated. Hope the above will be somewhat helpful to reach the data validation process.