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Is the process of Data mining for SME is difficult?

Is the process of Data mining for SME is difficult?

Posted on September 17, 2018

Yes, of course. The data mining process involves the processing of raw data into a formatted usable data. While mining it undergoes different types of business size. Some businesses are small medium-sized enterprises (SME) and some are large sized companies.

The way, tool or techniques for finding data from any kind of business is the same, then how data mining for SME is difficult?

Here comes the answer to the above.
Large companies are companies with employee size over 1000. Whereas the SME's have only the employees less than 500. More job positions are available depending on the employee size. And they have their own profiles available on the internet indicating with the company name. Whereas small company has fewer job positions and it is difficult to find them on publicly.

For example, a large company may have 2 or more employees in the Marketing department. But some SME won't or have less marketing department contacts. Then how to mine the Marketing data for SME?
SME's provide lower revenue report. The lower revenue companies are pushed back behind the large companies. It takes time and cost to find data for such pushed companies. Large companies have a profile builder and they often update the company profiles. It is easy to extract the updated information needed.

If the company is large automatically they have many branch locations widely. If we do not find the exact location branch data for a company, we may get any other branch location data which will guide us to find the exact data. SME have only one or less branch and no other choice to find the alternative data.

The data mining service providers won't outsource the jobs related to SME. Because of the above reason, it is difficult to find any data. They need to spend more time undergoing and examining many techniques to torch on the SME data. It may be waste of time if nothing is available as a result. Also, need to put more effort to find few contacts. In the case of large companies, the outsourcing companies come forward to take up the large companies for data mining. Because they are available easily and needs only a few efforts for well-experienced persons. They gain more data within the short period of time. This automatically brings them profit.

All will look for easy effort within the short period with more profit. So SME is less preferable and is difficult for data mining. Anyway, for all the SME, it is not difficult to find their data. Few SME has well-organized profiles and data available publicly. If all the SME is organized in such a way, then it is easy to collect data for any kind of sized companies.